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Companies that can improve your life.

Life Is Good When We Work Together!

Expand your outreach to supporters, collect donations effortless, and most importantly it’s absolutely free to non-profit organizations!

We have the science, technology, and the applications to solve the world’s contaminated water problems. We are commited is to provide water purification solutions at no-cost to those in need.

A global initiative to collect the loose change and dollars from around the world.

Where your 2¢ counts and really makes a difference to directly affect people's lives.

These natural, nutrient-rich products are loaded with anti-oxidants and inflammation-fighting components that can help strengthen your body’s immune system.

We develop payment and processing solutions for almost every type of business, including most HIGH-RISK merchant types both domestic and internationally.

“Stay@Home” and feel secure that your doctor will be notified instantly when an issue arises. AmenaNurse@Home can monitor a variety of healthcare issues, 24/7. s. (Non-critical patients)

We understand that home and family are the most precious of all things. We also know that both time and money are of concern in these delicate and uncertain times.

A Community Marketplace of quality retail products that can add benefit to both the small entrepreneur, as well as the consumer.

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AmenaCore’s mission is “Quality First…Solutions for Life”; providing essential products, services, and support solutions for people of all ages. 

Vision, Dedication, Compassion, Inspiration, Passion, and Love can move mountains to enhance the quality of a single person’s life. Working together we can positively impact the lives of many.

What we accomplish in life is not measured by one’s wealth or stature, but by the ability to affect the lives we touch, and the legacy we leave behind.”

~ Michael ~

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