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Our Mission

AmenaCore’s mission is “Caring People Creating Global Solutions”; providing essential products, services, and support solutions for people of all ages. 

Vision, Dedication, Compassion, Inspiration, Passion, and Love can move mountains to enhance the quality of a single person’s life. Working together we can positively impact the lives of many.

What we accomplish in life is not measured by one’s wealth or stature, but by the ability to affect the lives we touch, and the legacy we leave behind.”

~ Michael ~

Life Is Good When We Work Together!

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Charities/ Fundraising

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People Helping People Thru Change

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Our Recipient

For Our Charitable Giving

Safe Water 4 ALL

Changing Lines Forever

Your 5 Cents provides 1 Gallon of “Safe Drinking Water”. 

We provide portable filtration systems to all those in need of pure, safe drinking water.

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