Wanted: Life Changers

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Give Us Your “Two Cents”

We hope that our Vision, Passion and Objectives inspire people to become active contributors to ChangeThruChange. Our goal is to build a global community of One Million active “Life Changers” who say “YES” and Give for Change.

When your total gifting reaches $100.00, you become a “Life Changer” and can register on-line to vote. “Life Changers” will be the Voice and Wisdom of ChangeThruChange.

Funds donated, but not directed to a specific cause, will be placed in the Global Change Fund. The use of these funds will be determined by the voice and vote of “Life Changers”.

To the People:

In 2016 I was falsely accused of two charges of embezzlement. After a four-year in-depth investigation and the review of hundreds of thousands of documents my charges were dismissed, and this was expunged from the record. At that time, there were several articles published on the Internet surrounding this. I have spent the past few years working to remove these articles. I have been in most cases successful. For those people who may have seen the article, I’m sorry. If you have questions, please reach out for clarification. I have all the legal documentation an explanation of the above. I would be more than happy to share that with anyone that would like further explanation. Only the truth.


Michael A. Salit
Founder & Chief Vision Officer.