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Safe Water 4 ALL

With Your “Spare Change”

ChangeThruChange is proud to announce its first Global Change Thru Change Project.

This project will be referred to as The Well. Water is the Key of Life. We dig deep to access water, and sometimes we need to dig deep within ourselves to access the courage and stamina to make it through the day.

YES!   I want to Help! Click to Donate Now!

YES! I Want To Help!

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YES! I want to Help! Click to Donate Now!


We All Have the Ability to Create Change

Through Our Spare Change

.We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a no cost fundraising solution that seamlessly allows people to give their loose change or the value of it, to projects that will truly change a person’s life..

100% of your donation goes directly to our causes. 


If You Are
Paying More Than $1/mo To Process Your Donations

You’re Paying Too Much!

Expand your outreach to supporters, collect donations effortless, and most importantly it’s absolutely free to non-profit organizations!

Credit Card Processing


Paying More Than $39/Month For Processing…

You’re Paying Too Much!

If you are paying more than $39 a month for merchant processing, your business is giving away thousands in profits. We can eliminate 100% of your credit card fees!


Developing Solutions From Inception To Implementation

A Single Source Solution

We develop payment and processing solutions for almost every type of business, including most HIGH-RISK merchant types both domestic and internationally.

Gold Community


Bringing Buyers and Sellers Together

Your Trusted Partner in Acquisitions

Our network of partners extends across the globe, allowing us to source and deliver to clients worldwide. We stay abreast of the latest trends and developments, enabling us to provide our clients with expert advice and guidance.

We have the ability to handle wholesale transactions ranging from 400 kilos to over 100,000 metric tons. We also have various payment and shipping methods. 




Creating High Quality Membrane & Filtration Products

Residential, Commercial, Medical Applications, & More

We are unlike any other membrane company in the world. We have the science, technology, and the applications to be able to provide a unique and superior customized product line to our customers spanning a wide variety of applications, such as vapor filtration, bio-enzymes filtration, yeast production, bio-organic pharmaceuticals, veterinary services, and more.

AmenaPure offers membrane solutions no other membrane supplier can provide. Our membranes have proven to be as much as 6X more efficient in purification and at a lower cost.




Bridging Technologies

A New & Different Marketing Channel

 We enable your products to communicate directly to any interested consumer by turning every Mobile Device into a TV Set and every Barcode into a Direct line to the “Individual Consumer”. We are the “Bridge” that connects suppliers directly to the consumer, one-to-one.


“Wonder Filled“ Works

Changing People’s Lives

A global media and content provider specifically focused on highlighting the “Wonder Filled” works of people and organizations around the world “Affecting Change” and enhancing the quality of people’s lives every single day.

Real Estate


Building First Quality, Affordable Homes

Built To Traditional “Stick Built” Standards

We understand that home and family are the most precious of all things. We also know that both time and money are of concern in these delicate and uncertain times.



Love Your Community

Support Small Businesses

A Community Marketplace of quality retail products that can add benefit to both the small entrepreneur, as well as the consumer.


Boys pouring water


Your Vote Can Make A Difference

With Your “Spare Change”

Our goal is to build a global community of 100,000 permanent “Life Changers” who Say “YES” and Give for Change.

Become a “Life Changer”. Just say YES!


Immediately Be Connected To A Nurse

Who Can Determine Your Needs

“Stay@Home” and feel secure that your doctor will be notified instantly when an issue arises. AmenaNurse@Home can monitor a variety of healthcare issues, 24/7. s. (Non-critical patients)

YES!   I want to Help? Click to Donate Now!

YES! I Want To Help!

Click to Donate

YES! I want to Help? Click to Donate Now!


Our Recipient

For Our Charitable Giving


Safe Water For All

Changing Lines Forever

Your 5 Cents provides 1 Gallon of “Safe Drinking Water”. 

We provide portable filtration systems to all those in need of pure, safe drinking water.

Donate for change, Today!